Installation Upgrade/s

The majority of residential air conditioners over 5 years old are of the ‘constant speed type’ or on/off as sometimes referred to. Without going into the technical aspects the average energy rating of these systems is ‘F’ and that applies to both Cooling and Heating modes.

Now if you operate your average Lounge System (18,000btu) as it may be your only form of heating during the cooler months, you could be looking at an average electricity bill of €150.00 per month, even operating two bedrooms units could amount to the same costs and that would also apply to the Summer months.


Upgrade your system to a DC Inverter with an energy rating of A+++ Heating and  A+++ on Cooling, which could see your running costs drop by at least ‘two and half times’ (based on above example that would reduce your monthly cost to €60.00).

Manufacturers available: GREE BORA or INVENTOR OMNIA ECO

Additional benefits include:

  • 5-year warranty standard (subject to contract)
  • First Years Service FREE


BORA – Price supplied & Installed €549.00 inc VAT

   OMNIA – Price supplied & Installed €615.00 inc VAT

Email  sue@nd-ac.com and reserve your system

Terms & Conditions:

  • Offer subject to stock availability
  • Prices shown are for a single 9000btu system
  • Price/s include removal & disposal of old system
  • Up to 3m separation if no provisions exist
  • Offer valid Paphos Region Only

Pre-Season Maintenance Visit

Have your air conditioning cleaned and serviced correctly for €30.00 inc VAT

In the photos above the right hand side has been cleaned, the left untouched, this shows how your system should look on the inside after a visit, clean, free of mildew, washed, sanitized, drains cleaned, fully operational and healthy just as we leave them.

We also carry out a further 10 operational checks on the system and clean all fascias, most companies will brush out your filter and check your system is cooling and that’s the ‘Service Visit’

‘A clean system is an efficient system and uses less electricity’

Email  sue@nd-ac.com and book your visit

Electric Saver E30 or E246

From €60.00

The E30 & E246 push button boost timer/s can be used to control Immersion Heaters, Air Conditioning systems and appliances up to 3kW. It provides an energy saving fail-safe, ideal for use in Hotels, Villas and Apartment Rentals where appliances may be left on or forgotten!

Equipment such as immersion heaters and air conditioning systems are often needed for relatively short periods but overlooked and left active. Electrisaver E30 is a fixed, push button electronic timer with 30-60 and 120 minute settings and the E246 has 120, 240 or 360 minute settings. Compact and easy to install, Electrisaver can be flush or surface mounted with a single gang moulded box.

Price includes VAT & Installation within the Paphos Region.