Energy Saving Controls

It is a fact that electricity costs far more here in Cyprus than it does in mainland Europe or the UK, so investment in controls that SAVE money and reduce your energy consumption will be of great benefit.

Over the last two years, we have seen a significant increase in the number of enquiries from holiday property owners, looking for solutions that will effectively manage their guest’s energy usage. In response to this demand, we have found suitable controls ranging in price, specifically aimed at owners who want to increase their rental margins by reducing their energy costs.

We understand the high running costs of air conditioning, especially with the old constant speed systems but this can also apply to the new Inverters and the two main reasons for this are largely down to;

  1. Guests don’t like switching them off, when they leave for the Beach or Pool.
  2. Guests often set the temperatures too low or incorrectly.

We are therefore pleased to provide details about our controls, which will ensure that this expensive problem is no longer an issue.

Energy Saving Remote Controller



          • Temperature Lock Cooling Mode allowing minimum and maximum temperatures to be set (i.e. 21degC to 25degC)
          • Temperature Lock Heating Mode allowing minimum and maximum temperatures to be set (i.e. 23degC to 25degC)
          • Two programming modes: Manual and Automatic
          • Compatible with over 4000 different brands and models of A/C
          • Both room and desired temperature on screen
          • ON/OFF timer function
          • Clock On / Off timer and sleep functions
          • Dedicated buttons for heating (“i.COOL” – 26° C) and cooling (“i.HEAT” – 20° C) functions
          • 4-Speed Fan Control
          • Louvre Vane Control
          • Swing Vane Control
          • Centigrade/Fahrenheit selection
          • Sleep Mode
          • Wall mountable bracket
          • AAA Batteries (included)
          • Backlit LCD Display

Note: Not all functions are available on certain brands & models


WiREMS HP by Climateq

A brief summary:

  • These controls are 95% wireless so it is very easy to install & design to effectively control air conditioners without high installation and decoration costs.
  • Once the room/s have been vacated, the controls turn the systems off after 15 mins (adjustable 30, 45 or 60mins).
  • Suitable for Infra-red remote controlled air conditioners, programmed in seconds using the air conditioner’s own handset, this can then be removed or remain (depending upon option).
  • Fully Automatic (switches on once movement has been detected) or Manual Modes (switch on when required) can be selected.
  • Mains or battery operation (2-year battery life with Lithium)
  • Energy-saving temperature setting to prevent occupants from excessively heating or cooling.
  • Optional window/door sensors which turn the air conditioner off immediately if either has been opened.
  • Optional Bedroom door sensor ensures that the AC stays on at night whilst occupants are sleeping.
  • Return on investment, typically in 6 to 12 months.

For further information or quotation please contact us to arrange a survey.